That’s the Difference…..A Fire in my Belly

So we did it. On Sunday, 1st May, six of us took to the streets of Winchester and spent the afternoon with three homeless, giving them food, drink and a sympathetic ear. THREE! IS THAT ALL? Let me re-phrase it. There were three men who would have received NOTHING if we had contented ourselves to spend an average Sunday in the comfort of our homes. That’s the difference.

Sure, we had our hiccups. I poured the tea for the first guest we saw. The dark fluid caused alarms to ring in my mind. A somewhat light colour had been expected. But after sending one of the helpers to buy milk, I was content that at least we had provided the quintessential English hospitality of a cup of tea!  However, my relief was short lived when someone asked  “Do you take sugar?” But quick thinking brought McDonalds to the rescue! 😉 And then we couldn’t find many of them. The homeless have a knack of blending into the stonework, to the pleasure of the local council, but to our disappointment.

However, I was comforted by the thought that in Sacred Scripture, numbers are significant but quantities mean nothing. The greatest battles were won with the smallest armies and the smallest numbers signify the greatest mysteries. The signification of three needs no explanation. But what of six? Judas Machabeus originally called up six thousand men, and won many victories over an enemy of far greater number. Ok, we’re not six warriors, but we did strike a dent in the demonic plan in expanding the work of the Divine Plan.

And, lastly, I have to say, we really enjoyed it. Though our guests were getting well fed and watered, a fire was set in my belly, filling me with much joy. There’s something blessed about meeting up with God again in these people.

So all in all, a well-spent afternoon: making a difference and igniting a fire in our bellies.


2 thoughts on “That’s the Difference…..A Fire in my Belly

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