Please pray for Brian

Dear friends in Christ

Please pray for one of our guests, Brian.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         He was the very first homeless person we helped and has become known as our parish priest’s double, due to his resemblance to Fr. S in a photo in one of my earlier posts.

When we saw him last Saturday (for the first time in nearly a year), he certainly didn’t look like Fr. S or even Brian. I didn’t recongnise him, even when one of his friends called him Brian. He was mostly incoherent but we did learn that he is suffering from liver failure and has a bad case of water retention. He looked very pale and very unwell. He was discharged from hospital, the one place he really needs to be and is currently homeless.

He may not have very long to live. We have requested a mass to be said for him. We now ask for your prayers: for his recovery or a good death.