Good news! and more prayers

I have some good news. Brian is still alive and slowly recovering. But it was touch and go, he nearly died.

We have no doubt that your prayers and the Mass we had said for him played a large part in this, but also his more sobering “new perspective on life”. I say sobering, in part, because it was from his lack of sobriety, which mixed with so called “legal highs”, put his life at risk.

Si (Simon), the smiling guitarist whom I mentioned was of poor health before Christmas, also ended up in A&E. His leg infection only got worse, and it was the GP who got him back into hospital after he was initially turned away with some pain killers. His infection was in the bone and nearly took his life.

As these men try to re-build their already difficult lives, please continue to support them by your prayers.

May I also ask your prayers for Janey. She has been waiting for the county council to provide her with a room in a hostel now for at least 5 years and feels aggrieved that she has been over-looked. Now that she has a new case manager, she has a good chance of getting accommodation.  Please slot this in your rosary intentions.

We also took a dis-integrated rosary from Janey in the promise to repair it. We hope to teach her how to say it when we return the beads.



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