Can anyone help urgently in Brighton

We saw this message about a homeless man in Brighton. Can anyone help –

Just met a man in Brighton who lives on the streets. Living with terminal cancer – on the streets. He’s been given 12-18 months to live by his specialist. On the streets.

The local authority won’t provide any accommodation assistance to him in terms of accommodation because he doesn’t have a ‘local connection’.

He can no longer swallow food properly, it comes back up, so he’s on vitamin drinks he gets from the doctor. He’s having great difficulty even getting words out of his mouth when people ask him if he wants anything to eat. He’s a Catholic, pray for him. If you’re making the St Jude Novena, include his cause and his plight in your prayers.

His response to the question: ‘What is a man living with terminal cancer doing on the streets in Brighton?’ was “That’s Brighton and Hove City Council for you.”

Pray for a miracle, even if that miracle turns out to be shelter and proper assistance as it gets colder.

Victorian Britain has returned, but then, did it ever really leave?



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